Coach team

  • Head coach of the national team of Kazakhstan
    Aitzhanov Myrzagali Kulanovich A head trainer of the Boxing national team of the Republic of Kazakhstan Sport is not just a profession, kind of activity or hobby. Sport is a style of life. It is a source of energy, strengths and positive emotions. Each great achievement of another champion is a result of a long and hard work of his mentor. Each trainer is becoming the second family – some kind of both mum and dad for his pupils. And Aitzhanov Myrzagali Kulanovich, a head trainer of th…
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  • Zhakiev Marat Исагалиевич
    Coach of the national team of Kazakhstan
  • Manashov Kairat Мергенович
    Head of the national team of Kazakhstan
  • Prysiazhniuk Vadim Эдуардович
    Chief coach of the national women’s team of Kazakhstan
  • Satzhanov Kairat Турсынханович
    Chief coach of the national junior team of Kazakhstan
  • Kenzhebaev Galymbek Калиевич
    Chief coach of the national youth team of Kazakhstan
  • Cафиуллин Нургали Абдулбариевич
    Старший тренер национальной сборной Казахстана
  • Стрельников Александр Владимирович
    Тренер национальной сборной Казахстана
  • Елеусинов Марат Талипович
    Тренер национальной сборной Казахстана
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