Aitzhanov Myrzagali Куланович

Должность Head coach of the national team of Kazakhstan

Команда Men’s team

Aitzhanov Myrzagali Kulanovich

A head trainer of the Boxing national team of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Sport is not just a profession, kind of activity or hobby. Sport is a style of life. It is a source of energy, strengths and positive emotions. Each great achievement of another champion is a result of a long and hard work of his mentor. Each trainer is becoming the second family – some kind of both mum and dad for his pupils. And Aitzhanov Myrzagali Kulanovich, a head trainer of the Kazakhstan national boxing team, is a great example. Dozens of successful sportsmen who won prizes in world championships, have passed long, careful but vigilant process of upbringing of their mentor – Myrzagali Aitzhanov, a Master of Sports of the international level, distinguished trainer of the Republic of Kazakhstan, owner of the honored titles “The best trainer of the South-Kazakhstan region – 2007”, “A man of the year in the South-Kazakhstan region – 2007”.

Myrzagali Aitzhanov was born on the 13th of September 1979 in the South-Kazakhstan region and from the tender nail he became familiar with boxing world. In Karabastau village, which is in Sairan district of the South-Kazakhstan region, everyone was involved in boxing – young and old. Also, this kind of sport didn’t pass over the Aitzhanov’s family – elder brothers of the future trainer were boxers too. Their boxing activities became the first step towards leather glove’s path for young Myrzagali. Child’s enthusiasm gradually turned into serious interest – and in 1983 Myrzagali Aitzhanov began to train intensively, visiting training and working out techniques with other excited boys. In such a manner, Myrzagali Kulanovich’s brothers became unconscious rulers of destiny of the talented trainer.

Over the years predilection for this kind of sport was only increasing, and Myrzagali started to participate in numerous competitions of different level. As the young sportsman was full of strength and persistency, he frequently became the winner of these boxing matches. In total, the boxing path of the future trainer as a competitor was 15 years. Keeping on smashing his rivals on the ring, in 1996 Myrzagali Aitzhanov began his long and rushing trainer’s path. However, during two years after the beginning of his mentor’s career, Myrzagali Kulanovich continued to take part in competitions and took such high titles as the winner of Championships of the USSR and Europe among young people.

In 2000 the key event in the life of Myrzagali Aitzhanov happened. He was appointed to the position of the boxing head trainer of the South-Kazakhstan region. In this position mentor of the regional team worked for nine years, and during this period the team of the region was the best in the matches of various competitions. So, thanks to the trainer’s care and severity, the team of the South-Kazakhstan region twice became the owner of the honored first place in the Spartakiad of the nations of Kazakhstan. In 2001, one year after Myrzagali Aitzhanov’s assignment as a trainer, his pupils became champions in the championship of the country, which was held in the future capital of our motherland. In another six years, in 2007, the team repeated its triumph, but this time in mining Karaganda. Aitzhanov’s trainees multiple times became champions of Asia, Eastern Asian Games, Asian Games, winners and finalist of various competitions. In 2005, thanks to his persevering energy, Myrzagali Aitzhanov became the personal trainer of Birzhan Zhakipov. The mentor prepared his mentee so seriously and qualitatively that a little time later Birzhan Zhakipov became the finalist of the World Championship. After Zhakipov, another boxer, Erkebulan Shynaliev was entrusted to the vigilant training of Myrzagali Aitzhanov. He also demonstrated that efforts of his talented trainer were justified with usury. That year (2007) Erkebulan Shynaliev became the owner of the bronze prize of the Championship of the World in Chicago, and also took the third line in the individual rating of the Olympic Games. In 2008 two pupils of Myrzagali Aitzhanov became winners of the World Cup in Moscow: Gani Zhailauov won the bronze medal in his weight category, and Adilbek Niyazimbetov in the weight 81 kg won the silver of the World Cup. In two years, in 2010, Birzhan Zhakipov brought silver medal from the Asian Games, and Danabek Suzhanov – the bronze one. The list can be extended to infinity.

In the end of September 2009 in accordance with the decree of the Republic boxing federation Myrzagali Aitzhanov became the head trainer of the national team. The offer to become the key mentor of the Kazakhstan national team did not surprise Myrzagali Kulanovich. The way the trainer worked as a trainer of the team of the South-Kazakhstan region could not be left unnoticed. Thus, without pausing to think, he accepted the offer and for as long as five years he has been justifying entrusted responsibility and hopes.

The key aim of the trainer’s work became recovery of the positions of the national boxing on the international level. In that year the national team showed weak result – the boxers returned from the World championship only with one bronze medal. The main reason for the existent recession, according to Myrzagali Aitzhanov, was key changes in the methodology of the boxing battle itself, and also an increase of the level of professionalism of boxers from various countries, who were not competitors for the Kazakhstan national team before. Besides, the transfer of the main factor of the winning outcome from technique to “physics” could not but affect the final result.

Right after the entrance upon trainer’s duties, Myrzagali Aitzhanov began dogged work, oriented on training the young boxers. Together with his colleagues he worked out the plan of actions, according to which apart from practical approach, the scientific approach was introduced into the concept of strengthening high positions of the Kazakhstan boxing in the world arena. Myrzagali Aitzhanov drew attention to the regional boxing federations, brought to notice children, and started the work on creation of conditions for practices and development of effective competition.

A responsible work as a main trainer of the national team is not an easy task. In that moment only calm and sound method to the all processes was necessary for Myrzagali Aitzhanov. And then the trainer drew philosophically right conclusions, and by personal example he showed to his pupils that it was important to be a calm, psychologically poised and sometimes even cool-headed sportsman. Apart from physical exercises and numerous trainings, Myrzagali Kulanovich contributed much time to work discipline, public spirit education and responsibility for motherland. And during the trainings before competitions the trainer filled his pupils only with a victorious mood.

The discipline organization was excellent, and in a short time all the boxers scrupulously did planned scope of work, knew and appreciated trusted mission. A good working atmosphere is created among the pupils of the gifted trainer. All the boxers equally understand that everyone has a chance to approve themselves, but if they can use this chance and not relax in time depends only on them. That’s why all members of the team do their best during trainings.

The trainer always tells his boxers and teaches them that it is necessary to be head and shoulders above their rivals in order to win because judges should have no doubt who is a winner. He always appeals them not to challenge judges’ decision because in the ring that boxer wins whose arm is raised.

So, as a result of persistent trainings, in 2011 World Championship held in Baku the national team of Kazakhstan won 2 silver and 2 bronze medals that helped them to improve their results got in the previous Championship.

2012 became so-called examination for Myrzagali Aitzhanov who had been the main trainer for 3 years – his pupils took part in 2012 London Olympic Games. There Kazakh boxing national team competed in 9 weight classes out of 10 possible, and once again proved its high level when won all medals and lived up all the hopes. Ivan Dychko, participating in Super Heavyweight class (more than 91 kg), as well as Marina Volnova, a representative of the weight class up to 75 kg, won two bronze medals. In the last day of competition Serik Sapiev won a gold medal in the weight class up to 69, and Adilbek Niyazimbetov became a silver winner in the weight class up to 81 kg.

At the end of 2012 Myrzagali Aitzhanov took part in the AIBA seminar held in Assisi (Italy). In 2013 a new AIBA project APB started that’s why the greater part of seminar was devoted to that new project. All famous in boxing world people took part in that seminar. At the close of those courses Myrzagali Kulanovich was highly praised and received a certificate from the President of AIBA, Ching Kuo-Vu. The trainer is planning to share the gained experience with young trainers from Kazakhstan.

The ball rolling was started and finally Kazakh boxing national team showed an amazing result in the Asian Championship held in Jordan at the beginning of July in 2013. Myrzagali Aitzhanov’s pupils won 7 gold and 1 silver medals and took the first place in a team event though the main aim of the team was to win only two gold medals. That Asian Championship became a special stage before the World Championship that would be held in Kazakhstan in October of 2013.

Myrzagali Aitzhanov thinks that boxing is very close to the spirit of Kazakh freedom-loving nation as at all times our ancestors protected their lands from attacked rivals using only their own possibilities and power. That’s why boxing is bred in the bone of Kazakhs from their birth. This can be proved by the bright examples of previous years, especially in the time of USSR when Kazakh boxers became winners as representatives of the USSR national team. In such a way, boxing, according to the trainer’s opinion, has become a national kind of sport. And in national kind of sport our sportsmen are to be the best.