​14-year-old world champion

08 june, 11:56

This year she for the first time won national championship, and at the end of May she won a world championship.

The 14-year boksersha from the Kostanay region of the settlement of Voroshilovka, Nadezhda Ryabets from the first time won the World Cup among juniors which took place in Taipei. How it is possible to make it without the international experience, the newly appeared world champion talks about the beginning career of the sportswoman and about many other things

- Inexpressible feelings I had after a victory, explosion of emotions - shares Nadezhda. – The hardest time I had in the final when met the American sportswomen. She is the worthy competitor, but the ring revealed the strongest. Before a tournament in Taipei I set only one purpose – a victory on a tournament.

- How trainers adjusted on fights?

- My personal trainer, unfortunately, couldn't go to a tournament. The trainer from Kostanay – Minichkin Roman Ivanovich was engaged with me. He was giving me cues, selected tactics for each rival. Unfortunately I could not look at competitors in business before fight with them.

- Were other Kazakhstan sportswomen under observed during a tournament?

- Of course. I worried about them. How not to support the compatriots?

- Which tournaments did you won earlier?

- I became the champion of Kazakhstan this year, I won the international tournaments which took place in Astana and in Pavlodar twice. Also five times I won the championship of the Kostanay region.

- As I understood, the World Cup in Taipei – your first big tournament?

- Yes, and I am abroadthe first time.

- What is your secret of how it is possible to win the World Cup, time participating in itfor the first?

- The hope was on the trainer. He prompted, shared his experience. And of course, you have to be self-confident.

- Did you like the level of organization in a tournament?

- Everything was great – the organization, shootings, broadcast of a tournament. I was interviewedafter a tournament – in Almaty and in Kostanay.

- The first trip abroad feels the most sharply. Were there any funny things that happened with you?

- The local cuisine and air was not like we used to, food we took with ourselves

-Nadezhda, how did young girl manage to become a boxer?

- I was four years ago, I was eleven. My father was reading a newspaper and saw announcement about girls box section. Number of girls was big, but now only two there are only two.

- Was your mother against?

- No, she was not, but my grandparents were not happy with it.

- Boxing is a contact sport and quite dangerous.

- Yes I heard it too, but I continued boxing.

- Did you have Injuries in four years?

- Injuries? No, I didn’t.

-How do you estimate conditions for boxing class?

- Everything suits me. Yes, on the national team it is better, at least becausewe work in couples.

- At school how do they relate towhatyourboxing?

- Director is against, to be honest. Some have criticized, saying that it is not a sport for women.

- Maybe you just have good performance at school because of that they are against.

- Yes, I study well. Now I moved to the ninth grade. Favorite subjects: the history of Kazakhstan, Kazakh language and algebra to geometry. I speak the state language a little bit, but I understand it a lot better.

- Are students afraid of you at school?

- No. They can only joke over me. It was never necessary to fight. I simply can’t imagine that it is possible to punch the person. On a ring – yes, but not in life … In general, I try to solve all disputes by dialogue.

- What purposes do you set in education?

- I want to pass to military academy, because it will give me the chance to get ranks, juridical education.

- Tell us about your family.

- My family is: father, mother, brother (6 years) and sister (11 years). When I train, younger brother also trains with me.

- Often when I speak with boxer girls, I ask whether their future husband must to be able to fight and defend your soul mate.

- Every man should be able defend his girlfriend. In addition he must be intelligent and mature spiritually.

- On your profile page on"Vkontakte" is written – that you have got boyfriend. How does herelates to the fact that his girlfriend is boxer?

- I wrote it because I want no one to bother me (laughs).

- I see another post: "My friend knows so much about me that either she has to be my friend or be killed."

- This is about my best friend. We had the same desk at school, we are friends since first grade. She also participated to boxing section, but after the departure of coach she stopped. I invited her back many times but she doesn’t want..

- How do you spend your free time?

- Free time is short. I try to help my parents. I play volleyball and basketball, every day, go running every morning and evening.

-Did someone try drag you to other sports?

-Yes, tried, to weightlifting for example (laughs).

- Who is your guide in box?

- I don’t have any guide. I admire NazimKyzaybay. She is good! Recently I watched a fight between Pacquiao and Mayweather. I didn’t like it. I expected more and I can not say that it was the Fight of the Century.

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