The Cup of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Results.

11 march

The Cup of the Republic of Kazakhstan on weightlifting was completed in Kyzylorda. More than 150 athletes from 12 regions of our country came to take part in the already became traditional competition. The leader in the team rating among the men was Almaty region, at the second place were hosts of the tournament - Kyzylorda region. The first place among women won city of Almaty, “silver”went to Almaty region, and “bronze” both among men and women won the East Kazakhstan region.

Head coach of the KNT Yuri Melnikov:

- This Cup was held on the eve of the Asian Championship, which starts on April 21 in Ashgabat. Those results, which the athletes have shown today, are not final, a month and a half ahead and we have time to prepare and reveal the potential of the athletes. Nevertheless, following the results of the Cup, we with the coaching staff formed the preliminary composition of the National Team for participation in the Asian Championship. Among men, Aidar Kazov, Semyon and Albert Linders, Rustem Sibay and Selimkhan Abubakarov will prepare for the Asian Championship. The last sportsman now is on a recovery period after the injury, but we hope that he will be in optimal shape by the competition. Among girls we singled out Maira Faizullaeva, Asem Sadykova, Saule Saduakasova, Asel Amangeldy, Alexandra Aborneva and Aizada Muptilda.

In addition to the main awards, the winner in the category of up to 105 kilograms - Rustem Sibai became the owner of the Ilya Ilin’s Cup.

Also during the tournament, the staff of the Republican Federation held an anti-doping seminar, in which, along with an explanatory part about the dangers of banned drugs, a lecture on the work of the Adams interactive anti-doping system was held. The registration of the athlete and the designation of his location in the ADAMS system is a prerequisite for all members of the national teams. It is done by the athletes themselves and by the coaching staff of the national team. The athletes are given an identification number and a password that gives access to the personal cabinet. Once every three months, the athlete must provide information about his location in the next trimester and indicate the hour when he can be found there. In fact, there is nothing difficult, because the schedule of trainings, meetings and competitions athletes know in advance, and if there are any changes, it is always possible to bring them into the system, explained the director of KazNADC, Maira Bakasheva.

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