Goals and Objectives


1. To join the federations (members of the Confederation) and arrange joint activities to solve problems and tasks arising during development of combat sports and strength sports in Kazakhstan, ensure optimal and efficient distribution of finances for development of sports in general and Olympic sports in particular (boxing, wrestling, judo, taekwondo WTF, weightlifting).

2. To create a system for continuous scientifically based training and self-development of sportsmen, trainers and Olympic sports referees.

3. To provide constant process of medical monitoring of sportsmen’s health including prevention of use performance-enhancing drugs or other unapproved medications as well as likewise training methods.

4. To strengthen global cooperation for finding jointly solutions of social and financial issues concerning sport development in Kazakhstan.

5. To improve facilities and financial base of the Confederation.


1. Creation and improvement of programs on development of mass sports and elite sport in Kazakhstan in cooperation with state authorities: the Parliament, the Government, ministries and local executive bodies.

2. Development and improvement of facilities meeting the modern standards.

3. Development and modernization of training and advanced training systems for preparation of professional medical and training staff in elite sport as well as for participation in the competition for awarding Bolashak International Scholarship.

4. Strengthening of international cooperation both with domestic and international sport organizations and representative offices.

5. Creation and introduction of a unified system of promotion and sponsorship.

6. Popularization of physical education and sport, promotion of healthy lifestyle based on a unified PR concept.

7. Widespread introduction of “fair-play” principles based on professional and non-biased judging.

8. Development of the sharing experience system in order to spread the best sport-management practices.