The Confederation of Combat and Strength Sports was established in November of 2012 on the initiative of five national sports federations. Presently, the following sports organizations are the core of the establishment:
1. The Boxing Federation of Kazakhstan;
2. The Judo Federation;
3. The Federation of Greco-Roman, Freestyle and Women’s Wrestling;
4. The Weightlifting Federation;
5. The Taekwondo Federation (WTF) of Kazakhstan.
The purpose of establishment of the Confederation is joining of professional, human and financial resources for achievement of the maximum results from their use. By joining forces, the members of the aforementioned non-governmental organizations will address the issues regarding development of sports and related activities.
Thus, the tasks of the five joined federations are development of mass sports, popularization of sport, promotion of physical culture and healthy lifestyle.
Besides, the Confederation is engaged in development of the high performance sport which requires much more resources and efforts and a complex and systematic approach, especially regarding the issues of preparation and training of promising athletes who are able to take prize places at the national and world championships.
However, besides preparation of the coaching staff, renewal of the material and technical basis and other not less essential matters related to development of professional sport, the Confederation also bears some social functions. In order to fulfill them, the cooperation with trade unions and sports veterans associations is strengthened for ensuring all-round support of sportsmen, trainers and referees.
Chairman of the Confederation of Combat and Strength Sports is Daniyar Abulgazin.