Coach team

  • Head coach of the national team of Kazakhstan Adult Taekwondo WTF
    Kabdrashev Mustakhim Salenovich The senior coach of Kazakhstani Taekwondo WTF national team (senior group) In order to win it’s important for taekwondo sportsmen to consider not only physical training and morale spirit before a big fight, but many other factors. Because you know that in training champions, there are no trifles regardless of the sport. Therefore, in preparation for major sport events, whether it is the Olympic Games or the world championships, not o…
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  • Kurnoskin К
  • Raybekov Bakytzhan
    Head coach of Kazakhstan Cadet Taekwondo WTF
  • Suranov Myrzagali
    Head coach of Kazakhstan junior Taekwondo WTF
  • Ю Енг Джин
    Тренер-консультант национальной сборной Казахстана
  • Филипп Пинер
    Тренер экспериментальной команды
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