Kabdrashev Mustahil Саленович

Должность Head coach of the national team of Kazakhstan Adult Taekwondo WTF

Команда Men

Kabdrashev Mustakhim Salenovich

The senior coach of Kazakhstani Taekwondo WTF national team (senior group)

In order to win it’s important for taekwondo sportsmen to consider not only physical training and morale spirit before a big fight, but many other factors. Because you know that in training champions, there are no trifles regardless of the sport. Therefore, in preparation for major sport events, whether it is the Olympic Games or the world championships, not only head coaches, who set the overall concept of training, can provide important assistance, but also senior coaches. Especially if they have a big experience and high achievements in this complex Korean martial art. As the senior coach of Kazakhstani Taekwondo WTF national team (senior group) Mustakhim Salenovich Kabdrashev has.

The future coach was born on October, 2, 1970 in Gur’yev. His father was the Internal Affairs department major and worked in fire inspection, and his mother worked as an accountant in Communal Accommodation department. Despite the fact that Mustakhim Kabdrashev learned the secrets of taekwondo with a great pleasure, perfecting his sport skills, he didn’t think to cast his lot with sport. He chose a more trivial profession, having worked as a building fitter in Building and Construction department -7 from 1991 to 1995. In 1997 he also graduated from the Faculty of Industrial and Civil Engineering of Atyrau Oil and Gas Institute to continue this career.

However sport was still attractive to the young man: since 1992 Mustakhim Salenovich Kabdrashev began working as the senior Taekwondo coach of Kazakhstan in Specialized Olympic reserve sport school for children and youth number 1 in Atyrau region. He continues to hold this post until now. In addition, the same year the coach became a member of the Atyrau branch of the Regional public organization "Taekwondo Federation of Kazakhstan", where he was a member until 2005. Despite big loads, connected with working in different areas and getting an education, Mustakhim Kabdrashev was always eager to discover new heights; he never stopped at what had been accomplished.

Therefore, Mustakhim Kabdrashev became a sport instructor in "Iskorka" and also a taekwondo coach at JSC "ANPZ" in 1996. This everything completed experience collection of the young coach, and also improved his position in the sport society. In order to train young talents more professionally and to give them knowledge of a really high level for respective victories, he entered the Atyrau State University named after H. Dosmukhamedov and graduated from it in 2004.

However since 2000 Mustakhim Salenovich Kabdrashev holds the position of a senior coach of the Kazakhstani Taekwondo WTF national team. This appointment demonstrates the coach’s high professionalism, the trust on the part of administration. Because, that time he had nothing except the experience, he officially received professional education just four years later. Not every coach at the age of 30 is honored to train the athletes from national team, and such an attitude is necessary to be justified by the actions.

But it is said not in vain that the main thing in sport is the personal achievements and training level, not the official regalia. The same words are absolutely true in respect of Mustakhim Kabdrashev. The young coach was able to prove that his appointment to the coaching staff of the national team had been a right solution.

As usual, the main evidence of Mustakhim Kabdrashev’s professionalism is his trainees’ achievements. There are the following athletes among them: the bronze medalist at the 2008 Beijing World Taekwondo Championship Arman Chilmanov, the bronze medalist of the Asian Games Anuarbek Amankulov and many others. In addition, Mustakhim Salenovich Kabdrashev could train champions among the fair sex, as, for example, the owner of the "bronze" at the world championship, two-time Asian champion Liya Nurkina. His achievements have been appreciated at their true worth. He became the honored taekwondo coach of Kazakhstan, and also received the honorary diploma from the Prime Minister. Besides, due to the Olympic bronze medal of Arman Chilmanov, Mustakhim Kabdrashev received a special award, and also a medal "for a working honor."

He is now preparing current and future champions to new sport challenges. As well as earlier, he puts all his experience into them, tries to make them as strong as possible and sets up just to win. Taking into account past achievements, I want to make the most optimistic forecasts about the performances of his trainees at the continental and world championships. Even considering the fact that the other countries usually lead in taekwondo, Kazakhstani athletes and their coaches have the strength to break this trend and to distinguish themselves.

Despite the fact that sport is not only a profession for Mustakhim Kabdrashev, but also his hobby, he finds time for other activities. For example, he manifests itself actively in the political life of the country: he is a member of the People's Democratic Party "Nur Otan" since 2007. Another serious ardor in Mustakhim Kabdrashev’s life is a historical literature and the study of national traditions of Kazakhstan, which the coach as a true patriot, predicts the brightest future. To confirm his words, he has a strong family, where two daughters and a son grow.