​IV Summer Taekwondo (WTF) Games of Republic of Kazakhstan is over

28 july

In Kyzylorda has ended IV Summer Taekwondo (WTF) Games of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The tournament was dedicated to the 70th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War.

The competition presented a lot of sensations and new stars. Five members of the Kazakhstan National Team lost their fight at the different stages of the competition. According to analysts, it is very good news and achievements of Kazakh Taekwondo, which indicates competition between young generations. In other, hand its shows how taekwondo is developing in our country. New young talents, which can compete with elders, are always remarkable.

In the team event took first place took athletes from Almaty. They won 4 gold, 2 silver and 2 bronze medals. Also 4 gold medals are in the account of Kyzylorda and Atyrau region. Silver medal brought to the representatives of southern Kazakhstan second place. In the bank of the western region there are also 2 bronze medals.

Overall team standings:

1. Almaty (4 gold, 2 silver, 2 bronze)

2. Kyzylorda region (4 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze)

3. Atyrau region (4 gold, 2 bronze)

All the participants and guests of the tournament marked that Games were held at a high level. Technical and material support met international competition standards. Uncompromising referee gave exciting duels. Athletes give the audience a sincere joy, deep disappointment and many emotions.

All the tournament drama you can see on your TV screens at the «KazSport» channel in the coming days.

Winners of the IV Summer Taekwondo (WTF) Games of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Kyzylorda:

Results of the 2nd day


49 kg

1. Esbergenov Aynur (Kyzylorda region)

2. Sultanbaeva Ayaulym (Zhambyl region)

3. Kydyrbekova Toyzhan (Almaty)

3. Sabyr Anargul (Pavlodar region)

57 kg

1. Koylybay Asel (Almaty region)

2. Kosherbaeva Meiramkul (Almaty)

3. Zhigebaeva Aygerim (Zhambyl region)

3. Koryak Love (Karaganda region)

67 kg

1. Mansurov Banu (Almaty)

2. Alzak Ganiya (NKR)

3. Imasheva Aina (Mangistau region)

3. Amanbaeva Zhuldyz (EKR)

+73 kg

1. Uzakbaeva Dinar (Atyrau)

2. Usmanov Nurshat (WKR)

3. Uteulieva Alia (Almaty region)

3. Salibaeva Tynymay (NKR)


58 kg

1. Mukamyrov Almas (Almaty)

2. Baktiaruly Kazbek (SKR)

3. Beibit Nurdaulet (NKR)

3. Useynov Azamat (Aktobe region)

68 kg

1. karsana Abzal (Almaty)

2. A.Bekturov Arman (Pavlodar region)

3. Kozhahmetov Nurkanat (SKR)

3. Nukishtaev Arman (Karaganda reg.)

80 kg

1. Shakiev Umbet (Atyrau region)

2. Adilkhanov Rahym (Almaty)

3. Kurmanbaev Akzhol (Karaganda region)

4. Darbayev Tlegen (WKR)

+87 Kg

1. Sergey Pak (Kyzylorda region)

2. Kurbaniyazov Salamat (Almaty region)

3. Besbaev Olzhas (Astana)

4. Maryushkin Ilya (Almaty)

Results of the 1st day


54 kg

1st place - Zholdasbayev Sagdat (Atyrau region)

2nd place - Abdikaliev Marat (Aktoberegion)

3rd place - Askaruly Dulat (Zhambyl region)

3rd place - Abdrashev Ayan (Karaganda region)

63 kg

1st place - Mukamanov Almas (Aktoberegion)

2nd place - Dastan Manap (NKR)

3rd place - Tabyldiev Amantur (Atyrau region)

3rd place - askhana Nurdaulet (Astana)

74 kg

1st place - Nurlan Myrzabaev (NKR)

2nd place - Tleuhanov Sagyndyk (Aktoberegion)

3rd place - Abdrahman Bagdat (Kyzylorda region)

3rd place - Zhaksylyk Baurzhan (Astana)

-87 Kg

1st place - Maulethanov Sayan (Almaty)

2nd place - Baymolda Askar (Zhambyl region)

3rd place - Sadykov Serik (Almaty region)

3rd place - Askaruly Zhumadaulet


46 kg

1st place - Saparbek Zhazira (Kyzylorda region)

2nd place - Bahitova Botagoz (Karaganda region)

3rd place - Muratbaev Nurtolkyn (Almaty region)

3rd place - Aigerim Ermekov (EKR)

53 kg

1st place - Tulepbergenova Marjane (Astana)

2nd place - Zhubanov Perizat (Kyzylorda region)

3rd place - Trukhina Anna (Karaganda region)

3rd place - Kazhtaeva Arailym (Akmolaregion)

62 kg

1st place - Kopbosynova Meruert (Kyzylorda region)

2nd place - Bedalzhanova Ainis (Almaty region)

3rd place - Zhusupbaeva Darius (Pavlodar region)

3rd place - Ismagulova Akbota (Aktoberegion)

-73 kg

1st place - Denise Dzhansel (Atyrau region)

2nd place - Irgebay Ayzere (Almaty region)

3rd place - Kumysbekova Zhazira (Astana)

3rd place - Zhumabai Asem (Akmola)

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