​«Korea Open» international tournament is over

31 july

«Korea Open» international tournament among cadets, juniors and adults is over. G-2 ranking tournament was held in the city of Chuncheon from 22-27 of July. There were played medals in all disciplines of Taekwondo (WTF): Poomsae, kerugi, team fights in TK-5 format, and "kyokpa" or breaking boards.

Unfortunately all five athletes of the National Team of Kazakhstan who represented our country in Chuncheon did not succeed. Zhapparov Ruslan Duisebayev Smayyl, Yerzhan Abylkasym, Aldangorova Fariz and Ergeshova Feruza lost their fight at play beginning stages.

Nevertheless, the young athletes were just wonderful. Representatives of the «Mustafa-Astana» sports school won 4 medals, despite the fact that they were only 5.

Zharylkasyn Kanat won the gold medal and became the champion of the tournament. Tolebay Zhansaya lost only in the final and took the 2nd place. Kan Maksim and Alimkulov Elzhan awarded the bronze medal of the competition.



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