Coach team

  • Chairman of the coaching staff, head coach
    Aleksey Ni A head coach of Kazakhstan National Weightlifting team Traditionally “national” Kazakhstan kinds of sport are boxing and wrestling. However, recent Olympiads show that Kazakhstan can bring up also brilliant weightlifters, who are able to fight for first positions with the strongest sportsmen of the planet. But it is not enough to be talented, capable and characterful. Insportitisimportantwhoyour trainer is. And weightlifters from Kazakhstan had luck in this. Because…
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  • Head coach men's national team of Kazakhstan
    Viloriy Viktorovich Pak Senior Coach of the men's national team of the Republic of Kazakhstan An athlete's journey starts in the early childhood. It is impossible to come into sports at the age of 20 and become an Olympic champion a year later. But at the early stage when a child chooses the direction of his future development, a lot rests on the shoulders of the coach – will he be able to recognize a young athlete's potential, will he manage to kindle his interest and «guide» him…
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  • Consulting coach
    Enver Turkeleri A trainer-consultant of the weightlifting national team of the Republic of Kazakhstan Each kind of sport has special features in different countries. In some cases it is possible to talk about national schools when representatives from one or another country again and again show good results in the World Competitions due to their unique training system and sport traditions. For Kazakhstan weightlifting has always been among such kinds of sport in which our spor…
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  • Ни Виктор Геннадьевич
    Тренер национальной сборной Казахстана
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