Ni Alexey Геннадьевич

Должность Chairman of the coaching staff, head coach

Команда Women

Aleksey Ni

A head coach of Kazakhstan National Weightlifting team

Traditionally “national” Kazakhstan kinds of sport are boxing and wrestling. However, recent Olympiads show that Kazakhstan can bring up also brilliant weightlifters, who are able to fight for first positions with the strongest sportsmen of the planet. But it is not enough to be talented, capable and characterful. Insportitisimportantwhoyour trainer is. And weightlifters from Kazakhstan had luck in this. Because they are led to the victory by a true professional, sport-addicted person who makes indulgence neither to others nor to himself – Aleksey Gennadievich Ni.

A future trainer of Olympic champions was born on the 24th of July 1961 in Zhambyl in the family of economist and mathematics teacher. By his own admission he lived in deprived area where fellows had two ways: either to do sports or to be tempted into bad way. Aleksey Gennadievich chose the first one, and as Zhambyl was always distinguished by special attitude to football, the future trainer selected this kind of sport.

It began with neighbourhood matches with other boys. Then he joined the club and began to play in the team “Olympia” in competitions for his school, in district and city tournaments. He played halfbacks and frequently shot ahead to the fore and kicked goals. Because of his character and desire for justice, young Aleksey often had conflicts with judges and received yellow and red cards. As a result, in the eighth grade he was expelled from the club for misbehaviour: he was caught smoking by trainer. Since then Aleksey had never in his life taken a cigarette.

Expulsionisexpulsion. Other person would take offense and refuse sport for ever. But Aleksey Gennadievich found another application of his strong-willed features. Two years he pounded the pavements of sport clubs, but he wasn’t accepted due to his age: it needs to start doing any kind of sport since early ages. In football clubs he was refused due to his height or was offered “to warm the bench”.

In the result, in the 10th form Aleksey Gennadievich joined the weightlifting club which was situated in basement at those times. He didn’t set big aims – he just wanted to be engaged into anything, to become stronger, sturdier, to prove to himself and others that he is capable to do something. And eventually, he twisted his entire life with this kind of sport. Though, his love for football, his emotions and fever pitch remained up to now. He said no just once that if it was no weightlifting, he would play football with pleasure.

The most considerable achievement of Aleksey Gennadievich as a sportsman was medal place in Spartakiad of Kazakhstan. For 10 years of barbell activities he earned the title of Master of Sports of the USSR in weightlifting. In category 67 kilograms Aleksey Ni lifted 125 kg in snatch and 155 in clean and jerk.

However, he understood that he had not enough potential for really high personal achievements – and for this type of maximalist it meant that he should choose another field of activity.

And Aleksey Gennadievich chose. In 1983 he graduated the training faculty of Kazakhstan State Institute of physical education, and a year later he trained pupils of weightlifting section of Zhambyl CYSS. For many years his training career was related to bringing up juniors. Since 1986 Aleksey Gennadievich Ni worked with boys who practised weightlifting in DSO “Burevestnik” in Almaty. In 1988 he became a trainer of Almaty SKA-12. And in 1990 he was appointed as a senior trainer of the weightlifting youth team of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Since 1994 Aleksey Gennadievich Ni’s career as a head trainer of Kazakhstan national weightlifting team has started – the career that helped him to redefine this kind of sport in the Republic. When he was offered this position, the trainer has immediately assessed the possible perspectives and caught fire of work. In the result, on the executive committee of Weightlifting Federation in 1993 he was elected by a majority of votes.

Aleksey Gennadievich understood that the work with sportsmen of the highest class is totally different to the juniors’ training. Approaches and systems were to be found again by gaining new experience. But by admission of the trainer, his slogan “Only go ahead, we’ll sort out there!”

The new head trainer of the Kazakhstan national weightlifting team sorted out things quickly. During the first for both young Republic and Aleksey Ni Olympiad in Atlanta in 1996 his pupil Anatolyi Khrapatyi took “silver”. The next Olympic Games in Sydney in 2000, unfortunately, didn’t bring any medals to the weightlifting national team of the country.

But Aleksey Ni and his pupils did not used to blench. Four years later after Sydney, another Kazakh weightlifter Sergej Filimonov managed to take the second place in the Athens Olympic Games.

It was the time when Aleksey Ni understood that in order to improve the results of weightlifting team a leap forward was necessary. One of the steps in that direction was the invitation of the famous trainer Enver Turkeleri to be Kazakh coach-consultant. He managed to bring his experience into sportsmen’s training, and Aleksey Gennadievich himself was eager of all new things and was ready to use gained knowledge in order to have maximal effect.

And that effect was not long to wait: in 2008 Beijing Olympic Games Kazakh weightlifters won four medals among which there was a gold one (Ilya Ilyin), two silver medals (Irina Nekrasova and Alla Vazhenina) and one bronze medal (Maria Grabovetskaya). Aleksey Ni not once told that a trainer had to be tyrannical. However, he tries not to raise his voice in order not to offend sportsmen, especially women.

Such a trusted method led the weightlifting national team to a triumph in 2012 London Olympic Games. There Kazakh sportsmen managed to win four gold medals. Moreover, except Ilya Ilyin, the rest gold medals were won by women: Zulfia Chinshanlo, Maya Maneza, Svetlana Podobedova.

Although, weightlifting constantly receives support and financing at the state level, realistic view of Aleksey Gennadievich Ni tells him that in order to repeat the London triumph in Rio-de-Janeiro in 2016 it is required to work hard. Andhecandoit.