Pak Vilori Викторович

Должность Head coach men's national team of Kazakhstan

Команда Men

Viloriy Viktorovich Pak

Senior Coach of the men's national team of the Republic of Kazakhstan

An athlete's journey starts in the early childhood. It is impossible to come into sports at the age of 20 and become an Olympic champion a year later. But at the early stage when a child chooses the direction of his future development, a lot rests on the shoulders of the coach – will he be able to recognize a young athlete's potential, will he manage to kindle his interest and «guide» him through the complicated maturing process, helping to grow and improve year after year. This is a special gift and senior coach of the men's national weightlifting team of the Republic of Kazakhstan Viloriy Viktorovich Pak demonstrates it to the fullest.

Viloriy Viktorovich was born May 26, 1951 in Shagan village of Syrdarya district of Kyzylorda region. At the age of 11 he came into boxing. As there was no gym available he had to practice in the school halls. A couple of months later Viloriy Pak along with some other children went to a district school Olympics. He was assigned to participate in free style wrestling competition and even though Viloriy didn't know a single technique, he managed to place first, which subsequently made him transfer into a wrestling section. He then won Regional Olympics still with minimal knowledge and technique in this sport.

Viloriy Viktorovich turned to weightlifting by accident. He went to a weightlifting area to be weighed for a first junior category freestyle wrestling competition at the Republican Olympics and was approached by Vladimir Kim – a weightlifting coach – who asked him to lift a 55 kg barbell. Imagine the coach's shock when Viloriy lifted it having had added extra 10 kilograms. The result corresponded to a second senior category even though the boy was only 14 years old at the time.

After this Viloriy started training at weightlifting section. Younger boys of his village expressed interest in this sport and young coach formed a team of his own which later proved to be successful: it placed second at the regional competition. Viloriy's team failed to beat only a team from Kyzylorda city.

Viloriy's interest for sports was great and he never stopped searching for special literature. He amended ready-made practice plans and used them to practice on his own and coach his athletes. Adult coaches soon recognized his work and thus Viloriy made up his mind about his future occupation. First he tried to enter Higher School for Trainers in Leningrad, but was not accepted (there were 8 people for one spot).

He had more luck in Almaty where he managed to enter a physical training institute from which he graduated with honors. Having had achieved this amazing result Viloriy went to Kyzylorda where he trained children, raising future champions.

Having achieved successful results at the early age, Viloriy Pak accepted children as young as 6 years old ignoring the existing age requirements for weightlifting sports (10-12 years old). He, of course, did stumble upon some negative views of those who thought lifting weights at such an early age was not healthy and safe.

«To be honest, I offered the kids nothing but fitness training: swimming, jogging, gymnastics and so on. Only at the age of 10 did we start using the equipment. My aim was never to build future world and Olympic champions. As I see it, sports brings health, builds character, will to succeed and offers self cognition», - shares Viloriy Viktorovich in an interview.

In his opinion, sport is a measure against drug abuse, alcoholism and crime. The coach took active part in his athletes' lives – went to teacher-parent conferences at school, checked their report cards. He tried to convey that it was important to have a backup plan for the future in case you failed to achieve what you had strived for in sports.

Such approach has fully justified itself. Viloriy Pak raised one honored master, 12 international and over 60 masters of sports. For example, Viloriy trained a weightlifting star Ilya Ilyin – two-time world champion (juniors), two-time world champion, winner of ХХIХ Olympic Games of 2008, two-time Asian Games winner – since 6 years old.

Viloriy Pak has trained many other great athletes as well. For example, Oleg Shin – a world championship medalist, winner of Asian championship, Central Asia record holder, or Roman Rusyanovskiy – three-time world championship medalist, two-time Asia championship winner, Kuanysh Rakhatov – world championship bronze medalist. Viloriy Pak recognizes many young athletes who will definitely come into full force in the future.

«I think highlighting just one athlete is not right. There is a part of me in each one of them and I feel proud to be their coach. I trained over 1,5 thousand kids. Over 90% stayed in sports, others succeeded in other areas: holding high positions in various organizations, having successful businesses. I helped some of them to find their place in life», - said the coach in an interview.

Viloriy Viktorovich is an Honored Weightlifting Trainer of the Republic of Kazakhstan and «Parasat» and «Kurmet» decorations holder.