Turkeleri Enver

Должность Consulting coach

Команда Men

Enver Turkeleri

A trainer-consultant of the weightlifting national team of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Each kind of sport has special features in different countries. In some cases it is possible to talk about national schools when representatives from one or another country again and again show good results in the World Competitions due to their unique training system and sport traditions. For Kazakhstan weightlifting has always been among such kinds of sport in which our sportsmen traditionally feel confident. However, competition is becoming stronger year by year. That’swhyKazakhweightlifters’ triumphisbecomingmorepleasant. Mostly that success is associated with a celebrated weightlifter and a famous trainer, Enver Turkeleri, who has been working as a trainer-consultant of Kazakhstan national team for many years.

Enver Turkeleri is a Turkman originally, but his sport activity is connected with Bulgaria as well. He is even called a representative of Bulgarian weightlifting school, which, by the way, is one of the strongest (as well as Turkish one). For ten years Enver had been an assistant of the main trainer of Bulgarian national team. In this country his main achievement became the Olympic Triumphs and records of Naim Suleymanoglu who also was a Turkman.

Then, in the times of a communist Todor Zhivkov who demanded from Turks to change their names and surnames into the Bulgarian way, Enver came back to his historical homeland and there for 15 years he worked as a main trainer of the Turkish national team. The experienced trainer managed to achieve the unprecedented results of the team having brought up a lot of famous weightlifters. Naim Suleymanoglu, a three times winner of the Olympic Games, was the brightest among them. It is worth to say that since 1980 his pupils became the champions in every Olympic Games.

Of course, such efficiency attracted many countries wishing to get such a trainer for their national teams. After Athens Olympic Games the contract between Enver Turkeleri and Turkey ended up. And in spite of trainer’s considerable age, he got advantageous offers from Iran, China, European countries. However, hechoseKazakhstan. According to his own words, he saw Kazakh sportsmen’s high potential which can lead to the victory. And he has forgotten how to lose since 1980.

2004 Athens Olympic Games became the most unfortunate for Kazakh national team. No one of the prospective medalists managed to realize their abilities to the maximum, and the main trainer of the national team Aleksey Ni understood what was necessary to be changed in weightlifters’ training.

As experience showed he was right when he invited his old friend Enver to become a consultant. Enver Turkeleri came to a decision after his visit to Kazakhstan Championship to look at perspective sportsmen. There being an experienced trainer, he noticed Ilya Ilyin who was a sixteen years old fellow in that moment. And a year later, in May of 2005, Ilya won the Junior World Championship, and in autumn he became a champion in the Senior World Championship. And it is only one example showing how the trainer’s experience can help to find future stars of sport world.

Since the first training days the Turkish specialist set his own hard rules. Sportsmen trained with a maximal load and were to have the same maximal rest in order to regain strength between trainings. Everyday working weight was 90-95 % of that maximum which they could lift in general. Members of the national team felt at once that it would not be easy and they were to follow all the instructions because they knew about the efficiency of Enver Turkeleri’s methods for sportsmen from different countries.

As the trainer told himself he was responsible for bringing up the Olympic Champions for Kazakhstan.

“But, a person should work hard in order to become the best. Let’s talk, for example, not about sport, but any other sphere of science or art. All celebrated scientists, artists and composers worked 15-20 hours per day. Butwetrainonly 7-8 hours. Loads are very large, and I understand how hard it is. However, it is the only way to unlock person’s inner reserves”, - Turkeleri explained his position.

The result of hard, exhaustible trainings was not long in coming. Kazakhstan weightlifting national team seemed to get a new lease of life. In 2009, 2010 and 2011 World Championships Kazakh weightlifters won eight gold medals. In 2008 Beijing Olympic Games Kazakhstan got one gold, two silver and one bronze medals. And 2012 London Olympic Games with a good reason can be called the Triumph of Kazakh weightlifting: in Foggy Albion the national team won four gold medals.

Of course, mostly, it is a merit of the trainer-consultant of the national team, Enver Turkeleri, who due to his hard but efficient methods managed to unlock Kazakh sportsmen’s potential and made them the best of the best in the whole world.

“I’m a Turkman by origin. During the long work in Bulgaria my main dream was to make my compatriot the Olympic Champion. I managed to do it with Naim Suleymanogly. Having moved to Turkey, I trained one more unique sportsman – Halila Mutla. Here, in Kazakhstan, I managed to come into my own one more time. And I’m very happy that I’m still working here”, - the trainer confessed in one of the interviews.