History of Federation

Officially, development of weightlifting in Kazakhstan began in 1935. Two years later, the first championship of the country was held. And the year of 1954 became the turning point for Kazakhstani weightlifters in terms of setting global and All-Union records. For example, S. Ulyanov became the champion of the USSR in 1958 and in 1960 setting world records. A. Kolodkov, P. Kim, W. Drexler, A. Khrapaty and S. Filimonov were All-Union and world record holders as well.

However, the first Kazakhstani to become winner of the World Cup and Olympic weightlifting is considered Yury Zaitsev. In 1974, he won the bronze medal in the light heavyweight category up to 110 kg, it was the first in his career world championship in Manila.

After this victory, this category was traditionally considered ours. Two years later, at the Olympics in Montreal, he repeated his success by taking the gold medal. 26 -year-old Victor Mazin followed the path of his predecessor at the Moscow Olympics in 1980 and became the Olympic World Champion and.

After another four years at the European Championship the bronze medal was won by weightlifter from Kazakhstan Anatoly Khrapaty . After this victory, he was beyond competition in the 90 kg category till the end of the 80's. In 1995, he became the World Champion in Sodertalje (Sweden ), in 1986 - in Sofia, in 1987 - Ostrava (Czech Republic ), in 1989 - in Athens and in 1990 in Budapest.

The Weightlifting World Championship wasn’t held in 1988, but Khrapaty won the Olympics in Seoul (South Korea). Even after the collapse of the Soviet Union he was the first athlete to have won the gold medal in weightlifting at world championships for independent Kazakhstan

Another athlete from Kazakhstan S. Filimonov won the silver medal at the Olympic Games in Athens. A year later 17-year-old Ilya Ilyin from Kyzylorda sensationally triumphed in the category up to 85 kg at the World Championships in Doha (Qatar ). A year later, Ilya was competing in the 94 kg category, Ilya became the two-time world champion, and won the Olympic Games in Beijing (China) in 2008.

The success of the Kazakhstan weightlifting was not over. In 2009, the team of Kazakhstan won four gold medals and the second place in overall standings at the World Weightlifting Championships in Goyang City (South Korea). Two girls from Kazakhstan were among those who won gold medals for the country. It was 16-year-old Zulfiya Chinshanlo and Svetlana Podobedova. Zulfiyya had another record becoming the youngest World Champion

A good basis for preparation of future champions is required for continuing this successful trend in weightlifting. Presently, this sport is developing in 13 regions and two cities of Kazakhstan. In total, there are over 2200 weightlifters in the country.

Almaty region can be called the main area for preparation and training of athletes for international competitions in weightlifting. There are 13 qualified coaches there where more than 350 athletes train. There are five training rooms, two in Taldykorgan, two in Ushtobe and one in Tekeli, which is the main training center for the national team of the country.

In Astana, more than 50 athletes trained by three coaches work on their improvement.

Despite the success of Kazakhstan's weightlifting team and the dedicated work of the trainers, it should be noted that not all the regions of Kazakhstan have enough training staff and sports equipment for high-quality preparation of sportsmen for competitions.

45 athletes from nine regions of the country make the core of the national team of Kazakhstan. 38 athletes from 11 regions of the country make the youth national team.

Weightlifting is one of the most popular sports in Kazakhstan, and there is every reason to believe that young athletes will also successfully represent their country in the international arena in future.

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