​Alexei Ni: “I always watch our future reserve”

09 june

Head coach of the nationalweightliftingteam Alexey Ni now is with the junior team of Kazakhstan at the World Cup in Wroclaw (Poland), which started June 6.

"I always go for the Junior World Championships and see our future reserve in business" - said the coach of the national team.

Yesterday on June 8, at the world championships concluded own performance 17-year-old Aigerim–Aulbek, for whom it was the second World Cup for the last two months. In the junior world championship in Lima in April this year athlete won a silver medal, and in Wroclaw she was the eighth in the list of weight up to 53 kg (while taking first place in Group B).

"Aigerim is gifted girl she has a future - says Alexei Gennadievich Ni. She became the eighth, but she did her best. Yesterday defeated Russian woman in Group B making her the second. It pleased me".

Recall that in Poland at the World Junior Championships involves three national athletes.In addition to Aygerim, AyatAmirbayov (85 kg) and NadezhdaNogai (75 kg). Ekaterina Bykova (75 kg), which also had to perform at competitions,gain the injury before the World Cup.

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