​Alexey Ni: “16 kg win gap is not a limit for Nadezhda”

13 june

Head coach of the national weightlifting team Aleksey Ni commented on the performance of Kazakh weightlifter NadezhdaNogai, which today has pleased fans with a victory at the Junior World Championship in Poland.

"We initially set a high goals to this girl, because we knew her potential. And the result is only proved that we were right. 16 kg (!!!) ahead from the nearest rival and this is not her limit. Ukrainian opponent was strong in "jerk" andThai athletewas strong in "power clean", so we had towin both of them. I want to say that in the first and second exerciseNadezhda yielded, was ahead only for 4-5 kg. Lead in 16 kg is too “arrogant”. Therefore, I congratulate you with victory.Good generationgrows in weightlifting. "

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