The important start

22 april

April 21 in the city of Ashgabat (Turkmenistan) will start the Asian Weightlifting Championship. The national team of Kazakhstan included 9 sportsmen:

MEN: Linder Albert (up to 69 kg), Kazov Aidar (up to 77 kg, Linder Semen (up to 85 kg), Bersanov Ibrahim (up to 105 kg)

WOMEN: Amangeldy Assel (up to 53 kg), Saduakasova Saule (up to 58 kg), Sadykova Asem (up to 63 kg), Faizullayeva Mira (up to 69 kg), Aborneva Alexandra (90 + kg)

Head coach of the National Team of RK Yuri Melnikov:

- There are new tasks ahead of the first numbers of our team in the new Olympic cycle. All of their forces these guys will send to the World Championship, which will be in November. The second numbers we have to try, as it is possible that they will constitute a worthy competition to our meters. We want them to be tested with the strongest weightlifters in Asia. Because the Asian region is the leader in the world weightlifting. And according to our information, most of the teams there will be in the updated lineup - the same second numbers, which tomorrow will be the first and will compete for the Olympic pedestal in Tokyo. Of course, they will not be able to move out all current leaders, but the struggle will be stubborn. In this regard, we pay special attention to these guys, because we need to "try them", look at them in a competitive environment and identify any shortcomings in order to further work on them.

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