​Among the leaders on the continent

16 june

Asian wrestling championship finished in India. Top cadet-wrestlersgathered in New Delhi to uncompromising struggle to reveal the winners of the prestigious competition.

Our Greco-Roman wrestlers was successful, taking second place in the final team standings of the Asian Championship, conceding onlyIranian team.Eugenyi Sorokin’s wards took 5 awards - three gold and two bronze. Medals of the highest dignity won MereyBekenov (63 kg), BagdatUsenov (76 kg) and Eugene Gorbuznyak (85 kg). NurbakhytAzilhan (42 kg) and MarlanMukhashev (50 kg) at the end of the tournament took the third places

Our women's national team took third place with 67 points. The first place took Japan team(92 points), second place was taken by Indian team with 80 points. Confidently reaching the finalsAlmaganbetova Laura (38 kg) failed to become the winner of the continental championship taking second place. Bronze awards on account ofIkramovaNargis (46 kg), Marina Zakrzewski (49 kg), AinaTemirtasovoy (56 kg) and Karina Moiseenko (65 kg).

Не смогли пробиться в стадию финальных схваток отечественные «вольники», на счету которых по итогам чемпионата Азии 4 бронзовые медали. Авторами завоеванных наград стали – Султан Амантай (42 кг), РахатКалжан (46 кг), ДаниярМелдебек (76 кг) и КуанышКарабек (85 кг).

Could not get to the final our freestyle wrestlers, on their account there are 4 bronze medals: Sultan Amantay (42 kg), RahatKalzhan (46 kg), DaniyarMeldebek (76 kg) and KuanyshKarabek (85 kg).

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