United World Wrestling Releases New Athlete Management System ATHENA

17 june

As part of a larger information and media services overhaul, United World Wrestling this week released ATHENA, a new platform for athlete and competition management which will also integrate with developing online capabilities.

The system, currently in its first phase of use, will eventually allow national federations to register athletes online and pay their competition entry or engagement fee before traveling to events. The upgrades to the competition process, will also eliminate the need for federations to bring updated lists of wrestlers as the information will be printable online.

For now ATHENA will be the only place for national federations to buy annual licenses.

The licensing cards have also been improved and now include the new visual identity for United World Wrestling as well as QR Codes – a two-dimensional barcode that allows instant recognition of licensing by organizers, referees and the technical delegates assigned by United World Wrestling.

ATHENA is currently outfitted to allow for national federations to choose a preferred name for their wrestlers, helping to standardized the most common version for use in the media, including television and rankings.

Over the next several months ATHENA will begin to handle registration and accreditation of athletes, coaches, delegations and even media. The system will also allow national federations to invite other countries to their competitions, allowing for more communication between countries.

The platform will eventually be expanded to include athlete pages with social media profiles attached to existing Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

With the future addition of statistics, the media and fans will also have better access to the in-season record of athletes and a breakdown of their statistical performances.

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